John's Quarter Midget Memories

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You will find most of the old pictures, PLUS some new and improved stuff, and I will be adding stuff regularly as I find it.

As you may know, I raced Quarter Midgets in the early 70's at the Baylands club in its original Sunnyvale location, near the dumps and the model airplane field.

The most famous person I raced with was Jimmy Vasser, but I have memories watching other QM drivers of the day who also raced at Baylands, like the Arnoldes, (Nick, Susie, and Shiela) the Silva's (Danny and Darrin) Scooter Ballou, Vicki Anderson, Pam Rice (who ran 1/2 Midget) Donny Evans, Dori Cullins, Scotty Boscacci, Steve Hartgraves, Jeff Raggio, Tracy Canales, the Petruzzi Family and many more that I can't recall right now.


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