Memorable Pictures

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Here is my car at the Portland Grand Nationals in 1975. In the background is my Dads 1972 Chevy Stepside with an LT-1 350 motor. My car is a mid 60's Rice Chassis, with modifications and Body from M&S Chassis.(Mitchell & Silva, formerly AGI chassis) The car was painted by my dad Don Mitchell

This is Portland, about 1974. Both My brothers are getting ready for a combined Novice Race. My brother Billy is in the Black AGI Novice Suspended car. My brother Tommy is in the Yellow AGI Novice Ridgid car. My dad is in the White Jeans, and funny hat I KNOW that is CHERYL Webster, A QM Driver from Portland doing the flagging, because she emailed me about the old sight to say, HEY, thats not my sister Janice, thats ME CHERYL

Oregon, my Grandma's house, On our way to Portland to race, about 1972. I am on the left, Tommy in the center, and Sheila Arnolde (also a QM Driver) is on the right.

Here I am forming up for a Novice race in Portland circa 1972. Catch that open face helmet with Bubble Shield!

This is my brother Billy's car. It is an AGI Chassis. The paint was (like my car) done by my dad, Don Mitchell. I think they were trying to catch that Johnnie Player Special look, my brothers favorite Formula 1 car.

This is about 1973 or 1974, I don't remember the guys name, but he ran at San Jose Speedway.

The kids are my brother Tommy, Me (John), and my brother Billy.

Here I am winning a race about 1973 or 1974

I would like to say that this is me getting chopped by Tony Norville, but since I am on top, I suspect that I was charging... but who knows?

And here is where we ended up.. two DOT's, two people eliminated.

Here is Bob Arnolde pushing off Sheila Arnolde in a car he built. (Unfortunately, Bob passed on a few years back) Notice Sheila is using one of Nick Arnolde's old helmets. The car was later sold to my Father when Sheila outgrew it, and was used by my little brother. (See my other pages for the car with number 32 on it)

I am just gonna slip this one in. This picture was actually taken about 1996 or so, at the Reno Air Races, but the TRAILER, is the same one my dad used to take our cars to the races on. I painted it and used it for my kids cars from 1997 thru 2004 when I finally bought a toy hauler... but I still have the trailer.. thanks to Mike Cagle

Here is the infamous Top Cat. It was run by a few drivers in the 60's and 70's and was WAY ahead of its time. It featured a sideport motor, and variable rate suspension that was driver adjustable! The car was owned by Bob Arnolde, and driven by Nick Arnolde, Robbie Watts, and Bill Hanson.

The builder of the car was Jack Hagemann Sr. who is famous for building aluminum bodies for dragsters, race cars, indy cars, and midgets. (His son carries on the tradition)

Robbie Watts, (who some may know from Cal Kart in San Jose) is at the wheel in this photo

Billy and Tommy in Everett WA, 1974 (Billy in Black, Tommy in Yellow)

Washington Again, 1974

Here I am racing in Portland as a Novice, About 1972

My Dad pushing off Tommy, about 1974, Portland

Here is Tommy's car loaded on top of the 1972 Pickup. (Billy's car is loaded on the other side) The little girl is my sister Juli, now in her 30's and a semi pro Mountain Bike racer.

A car my dad is putting together for a customer. M&S Chassis was a company my father had with QMA National Tech Director 1997, Dick Silva

Here I am lagging in formation in the Sr. Stock Semi Main, 1975 Portland Grand Nationals

Not sure who is in this race, but its at the 1975 Portland Grand Nationals

This is not my car, but I had one for a short time, and used it in my first race while my dad finished putting my 36 car together. He sold it after the first race. My car was a bit more modern with foot brake and racing slicks.

Not even sure where this pic came from, but it looks to be in the 1940's or 50's, and is just a cool pic

Bob Arnolde graduating a novice, probably Susi Arnolde

Another shot of my car, after it was modified

Here is a shot of the Baylands Track (original one in Sunnyvale) Having its stands being built on the hill with a tower. Looks to be Sheila Arnolde looking on.

On the right is Paul Tyler, with his son Mike Tyler at the wheel. On the left is Jon Beekus at the wheel.

Here is Nick Arnolde towards the end of his racing in QMA, he is the second car back, car 2, a Kurtis. Probably Heavy AA Class.

Here is a random Picture from Baylands, about 1971 or 1972

Baylands 1971

Baylands about 1972

Somebody getting the checkered, Baylands in the early 70's

Baylands, Early 70's

Not a Popular Place to Be...

Howard Kaeding helps promote the QMA Sportsman Elks Race for Life

Stevie Hartgraves poses in Jimmy Vassers car for 1973 Baylands Grand Nationals Article

Danny Silva

Jeff Ragio

Here is Dick Silva in the middle of the track. George Martin in Wall

Photo by George Martin

Here on right is the infamous Henry 32 car... picture recently sent to me by the people who bought it from my dad!

Photo by George Martin

It seems that after they obtained Henry, they put the M&S Chassis (later called Hawk) body on the car.

Photo by George Martin

Here is Henry again, I believe that is George at the wheel

Photo by George Martin

Here is Henry (32 car) in red paint

Photo by George Martin

32 Henry car with Pat Orr appearing to pass George.

Photo by George Martin

A picture of the Martin family from the Livermore Newspaper.

Photo by George Martin

George Martin in the 65 car

Photo by George Martin

The Hawk

Photo by George Martin