John Mitchell




- 1964 - Born December 20, Burlingame California

- 1971 - 1976 - Drove Quarter Midgets

    Member of Baylands QMA in Sunnyvale CA

    Stock, Rigid and Modified

    Ran 1973 Grand National at Baylands QMA

    Ran 1975 Grand National at Portland QMA, Alpenrose Dairyland

    Ran at numerous tracks, including Baylands, Hayward (two tracks), Fresno, Capitol, Portland, Washington, and temporary tracks at Cow Palace and DeAnza College

1976 - Forced into "early retirement" with my father (Pops) getting a job transfer to Oroville CA

- 1977-1982 Worked at Oro Dam Raceway as a "Gopher", including ET Shack, and bleach Box

- 1983 - Graduated High School

- 1987 - Ran a one day Karting event, near Perth Australia, won 3 of 4 heat races (ran out of gas in the lost event) and swept the main event

- 1989 - 1997 -  Customized a 1971 Super Beetle and began resto/customization of a 1970 Chevelle

- 1997 - Attended the QMA Western Grand Nationals, at American QMRA, Sacramento with Pops, Ian and Angelique

    Following month, Tommy Mitchell bought Ian a Quarter Midget, signed Ian up for Training at Baylands QMA in San Jose CA

    Within 6 months, sold partially restored 1970 Chevelle to finance race car for Angelique

- 1998, Assistant Publicity Director, Region 10, Northern California/Nevada

    Assisted with startup and publishing of first Region 10 Newsletter

- 1999 - Appointed as Region 10 Safety Director

- 1999 - ?  Was list administrator of old Majordomo based QMA chat list

- 2000 - Voted in as Regional Director, Region 10

- 2001 - Continued in office as Regional Director

    Attended Western Grand Nationals, Madera CA

- 2002 - Voted in as Assistant Regional Director, Region 10

- 2003 - Continued in office as Assistant Regional Director, Region 10

    Co-Head Judge, 2003 Western Grands, Little Wheels QMA, Washington

- 2004 - Continued in office as Assistant Regional Director, Region 10

    January, Appointed as National Publicity Director, Quarter Midgets of America

    April, Appointed as National President, Quarter Midgets of America

    Attended QMA Eastern Grands, Custom QMA, Thompson CT

    Attended QMA Western Grands, American QMA, Sacramento

    September - Resigned from Office of President, due to job and family requirements

- 2005 - Acting Regional Director until special election for RD

    Continued as Assistant Regional Director, Region 10

- 2006 - Just a plain old QMA member !

- 2008 - Did one final year with Ian racing

- 2009 - Wrote rulebook for USAC .25 midgets, started helping with USAC's west coast focus midget program

- 2010-2011 - USAC official, working with West Coast Director of Developmental series on Focus and .25 Midget programs and races.