Oro-Dam Raceway

At the end of 1976, my fathers employment required him to move to an area that was centrally located for all of northern California, from Sacramento northward.  (This was his sales Territory)  He picked Oroville as a fairly central location. We tried for awhile to get quarter midgeting started in Oroville, but when we decided that there was not enough interest, he volunteered time on the weekends at Oro Dam Raceway.  He was both the announcer, as well as the track "Electronics Technician" often making band-aid repairs to the timing system.

Here are some pictures from that track, which like so many in California, closed its doors in the mid 80's.

I believe this car competed in Bracket one or bracket Two.

This is actually at Sacramento Raceway

This was one of my Favorite Cars at Oro Dam

Two Cars coming off the line as viewed from the tower

The Sign Board between lanes

Here is Sacramento Raceway again, it appears to be a Grudge Match between a funny car and top alcohol dragster

The car in the far lane, StromerNelsonFox was always a crowd pleaser

A mid 60's nova, this car always performed well




Teddy Kruse and his family were involved with the dragstrip for years, and I used to babysit his son from time to time.

EVERYBODY loves an Altered

A VERY cool old Willies Gasser

Mike Troxell's "Midnight Express" 55 Chevy

Once a year, we would pay the Top Alcohol Funny Cars to come up and do an exhibition. My brothers and I were named "Honorary" Crew members of the Polyglycoat car piloted by "Wild Bill Hogue" We helped out at a Jerry Lewis Telethon once by staying with this car all weekend for driveby donations at a bank parking lot. I was about 13 at the time

Another shot of the PolyGlyCoat car at Spokane making a SMOKY burnout...

All photo's were taken by Byron Boots, a photographer from Oroville.  If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, my family would love to talk to him again.  We have lost touch over the years.