Future Drivers!

Here are some of the possible future drivers for Mitchell Family Racing!  Cousins, Family and even a dog, all have aspirations of racing in years to come!  Click on the pictures for full size images

Sean takes Heidi for a spin in the 32 Car

Xander sits in Ian's car, and is READY TO GO! Well, maybe in a few more years

Hunter from Southern California is only a few months younger than Xander, but here he is, ready for action... even has a girl as a passenger!

Sabrina Looking like a regular trophy girl here in front of the PT Cruiser

Xander takes his big sister Seaira on a drive in a tractor

Sebastian is ALWAYS on the move... we had to snap this picture FAST, because, if that car isn't moving, he doesn't have time for sitting

Donovan, tears up the track in a fun kart, somewhere in Riverside

Lucy probably won't be able to drive a car, but she wants too!

Does Zoe wanna drive? Or is she just in need of a cool drink of water. Regardless, she has hopped into Ian's cockpit

Hunter, in a Super Fast Stroller/Shopping Kart!

Up close in Hunters Racing/Shopping Kart

Sabrina also tears up the track in a fun kart!

Hunter is ready to race his Grandmas PT Cruiser!

Xander looks leary of taking a ride from his cousin!

The Curtis is actually Sean's "Show Car" Maybe someday he will drive it

Sebastian is sporting his new "racing suit"

Sabrina is multi talented, here showing off her talents in boat driving!

Xander is not only a racer, but he takes his work seriously too!

Sebastian wants his helmet and arm restraints I think!

Even Ian was ONCE a future driver, here he is at 4 years old

Angeliques FIRST car

More about the Future Drivers:

Seaira is the oldest of the cousins, and is Geannie's sisters daughter, from the North Bay Area.

Donovan is from Southern California, and is Geannie's brothers son.

Sabrina is Donovan's younger sister, also from So Cal

Xander is Seaira's little brother, also from Nor Cal

Hunter is Donovan's and Sabrina's baby bro, also from So Cal

Sean and Heidi Mitchell are Uncle Tommy's kids, transplanted to Texas

Last but certainly not least, Sebastian is Jon Smith's son, and Ivy's little brother!

Oh, and we can't forget the dogs...
Zoe is a 6 year old Chihuahua/Mini Dachshund mix, and she attends all of the kids races

Lucy is an 18 month old mix of Dachshund, Bull Terrier, Retriever, and possibly Jack Russell.  She also attends most of the kids races.