Motorsports is the FASTEST growing sport in America today.  In the past 15 years, there was a gain of over 150% in paid attendance.  Furthermore, drug and alcohol problems (including steroids) are virtually unheard of in the Motorsportsworld.  THIS creates role models that are the envy of all other organized sports and their SPONSORS.  Racing fans are educated, influential, and professional consumers.  Two Thirds are between the ages of 25-44.  Over half the fans have an annual income of $50,000 or more a year (Nationwide)  For any consumer oriented company, they are a prime audience and are willing to spend it on what they want.  They are YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.  Motor sport fans are considered VERY knowledgeable in many areas.  They influence the buying decision of a great number of people, and out of the racing circle.  These are people YOU would want to have recommending and using YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES.  In addition to excellent demographics, race fans show TREMENDOUS BRAND LOYALTY to the companies that market via motorsports, according to surveys conducted. 

SPONSORING our team is not only beneficial to your bottom line, but it also gives you the satisfaction of helping out teens and young adults achieve their dreams.  Further, you are not just a sponsor but a part of our team. 

EACH sponsorship package is custom tailored to your needs in a way that is beneficial to all involved.  Some of the Exposure possibilities include:

TELEVISION - MITCHELL FAMILY RACING has been in numerous television spots and coverage's, including community access channels, KTVU Channel 2 News, and news coverage on Sacramento Area TV stations.

MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER PUBLICATIONS - Mitchell Family Racing has been featured in numerous Newspaper articles, here in Pacifica, In the Sacramento Area, and was also part of a feature article in RACER magazine

INTERNET/WORLD WIDE WEB PRESENCE - MITCHELL Family Racing has always been at the forefront of this technology, this website is the third incarnation of our web presence which dates back to 1998.   Your logo's and company names would be on our website, and higher levels of sponsorship could have you sharing the front page.  Links to your sight, or even assistance in getting you onto the internet are all possibilities available.  

TRADE PUBLICATIONS - Let everyone in YOUR industry know about your association with Mitchell Family Racing.  Articles, Photos, and interviews Featuring you and race cars are great attention getters.

ROLLING BILLBOARDS - The trailers and other support equipment used to move the team from track to track are giant moving billboards that attract attention to YOUR product logo! 

STREET FAIRS/CAR SHOWS/OTHER EVENTS - Our team is regularly entered into these types of events.  The added benefit to you is further exposure of your name and logo.

MERCHANDISING - T-shirts, jackets, hats and stickers are all positive achievement for name awareness as these items tend to be retained long after the event.

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - Put your clients and customers right in the middle of the action, and have their attention for an entire evening or day, not just a few hours!  Here are some examples of what can be done to promote your company with our help!

    CUSTOMER ENTERTAINMENT - A day at the races

    TRADE SHOWS & EXHIBITS - Show off your racing team and driver and be the center of attention!  People stop to look at race car and will relate your company name and product with their experience of seeing the race team and talking to the drivers and crew.  SALES!

    SPECIAL PROMOTIONS - Race team as a display at special sales meetings; Run a racing sweepstakes as a point of purchase promotion.  Use pictures of the race team and race car in merchandise brochures.

    CONSUMER PREMIUMS - Jackets, Hats, T-SHIRTS and Stickers, bearing your name and logo can be sold in your lobby, on your sales floor, or given away with purchases, giving your product LIMITLESS amounts of exposure!


There are many levels of sponsorship, again, tailored to your needs.  They can include the following:

- Team Race cars painted to Sponsors choice of colors and corporate logo's at the highest level of sponsorship down to smaller logo's and decals on Team Race Cars at lower levels of sponsorship

- Team Transport Trailer painted to Sponsors choice of colors and corporate logo's at the highest level of sponsorship down to smaller logo's and decals on Team Trailer at lower levels of sponsorship

- Sponsor Logo and Name on Front Page of Website at the highest level of sponsorship down to smaller logo's and decals on the sponsor page at lower levels of sponsorship.  All logos linked to your website.  (Can also help you get a web presence)

- Sponsor Logo Sign Board could be posted at ALL Region 10 Northern California Tracks at the highest level of sponsorship, or at lower levels, Sign Board could be posted at home club track

- Team Uniforms  in Sponsors choice of colors and corporate logo's at the highest level of sponsorship down to smaller logo's and patches on Team Uniforms at lower levels of sponsorship

- Sponsor advertisements in National, Regional and/or Club Newsmagazines

- Drivers, Crew, and race cars available for promotions and events, subject to racing and school schedule

- Sponsor literature etc available to fans at all races or anytime vehicle is displayed

- Sponsor to be identified in ALL news releases, press kits, radio and television interviews, program and magazine articles, and photographic material

- Sponsor to have unlimited use of car and team photographs in their promotions

There are many other possibilities that can be explored, this is just an overview of common sponsorship packages

You can contact me directly at JOHN MITCHELL 650-438-7602