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May 8, 2008 - See the latest article in the local newspaper...  Click on ARTICLES above!  Also, check the links and sponsor pages for links to my dads new business venture!


March 21, 2008 - Well, we have a primary sponsor! 

Phil Finer Refrigeration will be the sponsor for the 2008 season!

Associate Sponsors for the year include:

Zero Error Racing

Boomerang Racing

Jerry Lampkin - TNG Motorsports - Amsoil Distributor

Blue Team Racing

Elliott Chiropractic


October 27th, 2007 - I know its not racing, but as many of you know, Ian is involved in the Terra Nova High School Marching Band in the Percussion Section.  On Saturday they competed in the Foothill Band Review, and got First Place in the Field Show!  Congratulations to Ian and the rest of the Terra Nova High School Marching Band!  Links to the band website are on the links page.  (PICTURE OF BAND)

October 24th, 2007 - The racetrack has been saved!  The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved a one year extension of the lease with the express desire to find a way to keep the track in its current location.  They will immediately begin negotiations with the Rio Linda Parks and Recreation Department to find a way for them to purchase the property.  I want to give a big congratulations and thanks to all of the Capitol club members who have worked so hard to save the Roy Hayer Memorial Speedway, all of the community members and various agencies that showed support of the track, and last but not least, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for changing policy and allowing the track to remain!  

October 1st, 2007 - We Need EVERYONES help... Capitol Quarter Midgets is on the verge of losing its track!  Use this link to get to a news story on Capitol and its Lease... and then use the link from THAT page to write ALL of Sacramento's County Council and let them know WHY we need to keep this track!  The track is over 50 years old, and has been raced on by my kids as well as myself!  It was also home club to racing stars like Jeff Gordon, Paul & Bobby McMahon, as well as being raced on by Jimmy Vasser and up and coming stars like Bryan Clauson!

 May 22, 2007 - HAPPY 20th Birthday Angelique  Had Ivy sit in her Red & White GT car the other day... SHE IS TOO TALL!  SO we will probably have to sell her car.  As she says... "I guess I am retired"  We shall see... maybe some fun off-road carts?  Going to take Angelique for some fun laps at the indoor Karting Place tonight for her birthday.  I will probably never sell the Fiser, as it was the Car that Angelique got her first win in, her first Fast Time, her first Track Record, as well as the car Ian got HIS first win in. 

Still looking for elusive sponsors, but I really need to do a more Pro-Active search.


January 2007 - Still trying to figure out where to take Angelique racing outside of Quarter Midgets that I can afford.  Too much talent to be going to waste.  I finally had to admit that she was a much better driver and racer than I ever was.  Have to see if Ian and Ivy have any desire to have another go at Quarter Midgets.  They both have many other activities they are involved in, so we shall see.  Western Grands are in Madera this year and the Dirt Nationals are in Sacramento at Capitol, so if they wanted to, they could run one more Grand National Event this year.   Geannie took me to an indoor karting place in Burlingame for my birthday, and I found out two things... first, they go damn quick... and second, I am WAY out of shape. 

June 16, 2006 - While Angelique got her start in Quarter Midgets, we are currently looking at new avenues of racing for her, at 19, she is now too old for QMA. Some of the avenues we are looking at are Outlaw Sprint Carts, USAC Focus Midgets, Legends or any place else a likely sponsor or car owner would like us to go!

Ian graduates from Jr. High School Today - Congratulations!

Ivy will also be starting her second competitive season this coming summer in Heavy Honda. While starting late in the game for Quarter Midgets, she has had a steep learning curve to catch up with a group of drivers that started at a much younger age than she did... and she has done well with it! She turns 15 this summer.