Ivy's Pictures

Ivy is getting instruction for her last training session at Baylands, April 2004

Ivy is passing on the outside at the 2004 Stateline Winternationals, Sr. Novice, Driving a 2003 GT American

Ivy comes into the corner at Tri Valley, In Heavy Honda Main Event

Ivy Getting T-boned by Mosher coming out of turn four, Tri Valley

Going into turn one at Tri Valley, & Trying to set up the car for a pass by turn three

Ivy coming out of turn two at Tri Valley

Demonstrating a perfect pattern with the perfect amount of lean out of her car at TriValley

Ivy spins coming out of corner, looks like JOHN didn't set the car up right... ooops!

Ivy, (second from last) starts moving her way thru traffic at Capitol's Dirt Track near Sacramento

Ivy at the 2004 Grand Nationals, American QMA near Sacramento, with her Father, Jon Smith

Blurry picture of Ivy at Baylands

Coming round the corner at Baylands

Coming off the track into the chute at the Stateline Winternationals at Primm Nevada

Another pic of Ivy's first trophy

A whole bunch more pictures here of Ivy at the Stateline Winternationals

Ivy is presented a trophy at the 2004 Grand Nationals for the Sr. Novice Race, by QMA President, John Mitchell

Ivy's first trophy, at AQMA

Ivy recieving her year end award for Sr Novice at the Jimmy Vasser Region 10 Northern California Championship Cup tour. John Mitchell & Charlie Cagle

The main picture on our old website was one I rushed to get done for a sponsor, but Angelique was away on a school trip. Ivy filled in prior to her ever racing a Quarter Midget

John Pushing Ivy out for the 2004 Grands