Ian's Pictures


Ian in one of his first races in his "NEW" car, Angeliques slightly used Fiser, Madera Grand Nationals, 2001

Ian in his original Rice car, AFTER it was converted to an older classic midget body style, about 2000

Ian running the 1997 Fiser at Tri Valley in Sr Honda, 2004

Tri Valley again

In 2002, Ian won his FIRST RACE! He probably recieved as much recognition from this win as some get from winning a National Event!

Ian on the outside of the pole... same race he won.. raced around the outside!

Leading the pack on a restart

Still in the lead, pulling away from the white car

Prior to getting the checkered, Ian moved over a 1/2 a lap away from the competion

Leading and smiling... AQMA

Showing this picture again... Look close.. you can see his smile!

Coming around to finish his WELL deserved victory lap, Ian still clutches the flag tightly

Ian hands the flag back to Curt Biro

This shot and the next are of me talking to Geannie during Ian's winning race.. I am VERY nervous

I am nervous, because I am worried Ian will lose his lead on a restart, but he done good!

In Traffic

Ian getting weighed after a race, deep in thought. I love it when other people move the car for me

All legal, Dad is happy, Ian "Sleepy" Mitchell just yawns

Ian hates the bright sunlight.... and hot days mean.. HELMET HEAD

Ian running at California's oldest and best dirt QM Dirt Track, Capitol Speedway near Sacramento... under the lights

Ian on the trip to the races I think.. or maybe sitting in the truck. BB... (before braces)

Here is Ian's Rice car in its Original form prior to the new body, he is 5, and this is the lawn in Pacifica

Ian racing his home track... Baylands

Ian racing TriValley

Tri Valley


In the early days, we were DEFINATELY low buck.. either the old trailer or the back of my work truck

Ian on the car

Ian in the Fiser

Ian racing at the Pacific Coast Scotty Key Memorial Indoor races

Another shot of the indoor races

Ian in traffic, Tri Valley

Ian running the original car in Training at Baylands

Ian gives his comical speach at Baylands, thanking me for being there, and thanking his sister for being mad when he doesn't do well

Some random shots of the newly redone car at American

A whole bunch of race cars at American, Ian's is the oldest and up front

one last time....

Ian ran his Uncle Tommy's antique around Baylands with no other cars for a News Report on KTVU Channel 2

Another shot of driving the Antique

Coming around the corner at Capitols Dirt Track

Ian.. staging lanes... game face on?

It appears that sitting in the staging lanes is HOT

He must see something to eat...

Ian participating in the 2000 Pacifica Fog Fest


Ian leading the pack at Baylands

Coming into turn three at Capitol's Dirt Track

Buckleing Ian in for the 2001 Grands

Tri Valley

Staging Lanes at Madera, 2001 Grands

Ian sat in his first QM at 4 years old

We had this car three days before deciding the rear suspension was too funky and traded it for the other Rice car

Terra Nova Band 2007, Ian is in the upper left area

Getting ready to push off for Ian's first race in THREE YEARS. He has grown a bit

Out on the track at American, May 2008

Passing cars... American, May 2008

Leading the pack... American 2008

Getting ready to race at American... first time in three years

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