Engines and Shop Pictures

Thru the years


Our original stocker, Angelique set AQMA Sr. Novice track record with this

Same stocker... still have it - Mostek

My engine built by Joe Coggin... (Unfortunately, this motor was stolen)

Our engines on the bench

Tommy, Pops< Me and Angelique in Foreground, 1999 or 2000

Me (John) On left, my old garage, Angelique and pops...

Me and Grandpa and Uncle Tommy and Angelique

Grandpa looks at my progress changing Ian's car from a Rice to a rounded body car more similar to an old AGI Chassis

One of the cars my dad and Dick Silva built with the original M&S Chassis Benson nose cone, right after Tommy traded a Kurtis for it

Tom has the frame powder coated

Tommy has the M&S Chassis fitted with an older AGI Chassis Nose Cone like his original 32 Car

My Dads old shop building a car

This was a car we decided not too keep because the suspension was too funky. VW I tricked out for ex wife in background