Angelique's Picture Page

Here is Angeliques First Win at Baylands! October, 1998 (Later, this car was painted with the "Blue Angels" paint scheme.

Here is Angelique in her most familiar car, a 2001 GT American, after taking third in a heat at the 2001 Stateline Winternationals, Sr. Honda

Here Angelique comes up on Travis Henry in Heavy 160

Angelique passing Travis as they come out of turn two at Tri Valley

Anglelique begins to move away from Travis Henry

Angelique setting up the pass on an A&J at Baylands

Angelique... Hair Flying!

Angelique, about 2001, in the pits, in her 1997 Fiser, right after it was painted "Blue Angels"

Angel tries a pass on the outside car as the inside car tries to pass also and she gets caught in the squeeze

Angelique racing at Region 10's oldest and ONLY dirt track, Capitol, in Rio Linda CA

Here Angelique leads the pack at Capitol, prior to being put in the wall

Here Angelique leads the pack at Capitol, prior to being put in the wall

Angelique in the (1) Car moves thru traffic in the dirt, trying to regain the lead lost after being put in the wall

Angelique leading down the back straight at Capitol's Dirt Track

Angelique Coming down the Onchute at Baylands

Almost onto the track

Finishing her entry to the track

Angelique sees the Green come out from turn three, and shoots ahead of the pole car. TriValley


Angelique in the lead

Angelique in the pack coming for a green at TriValley

Angelique passing for the lead at Tri Valley

Angelique on the pole

Angelique in the staging lanes at American, We are up next!

Making my last minute adjustments to her car

Out of the chute and onto the track, Dad pushes Angelique to start the car

Sometimes bad stuff happens, she got spun out coming off turn 4 at AQMA and another driver hit her head on!! 2 more pictures follow

Anglique out of the car... shaken, but not broken

Angelique out of the car and ok

An older picture of Angelique in the Fiser

Another old shot of Angelique in the Fiser

Angelique taking the pass in her Fiser

Angelique in traffic, in the Fiser at American

Angelique in formation in a Hvy 160 Main, Notice the outside 2 spot, Ivy's car when it was still owned by Devon Cullin

One of my favorite Pics

A four picture series of Angelique at Baylands

At Baylands in the GT

Setting up the pass

Racing at Baylands

Angelique accepts Second for the Season in the Jimmy Vasser Region 10 Northern California Championship Cup Tour. Dad and Charlie Cagle are MC's

Angelique at the scales at the Stateline WInternationals

Angelique running the course in Vegas

Dad (me) working on her car in Baylands staging lanes prior to race

Here Dad puts the final wrench turns on the car at Baylands

Turn two at American

Angelique ahead of Shayna Silvia

Pole Position!

Way out front

Angelique catching a driver from Pomona at Tri Valley

Angelique just ahead of Jaquelin Haverty

Angelique leading Jon Henry

Angelique running as a Novice

My favorite part about wins is seeing the smile.. look close at one of her Novice Wins

and from the others side...

Even the Track Director applauds

Angelique picking up her trophy at the 2001 Madera Grands

Tri Valley

Angeliques first car at 2 years old