32 Car Saga

Here are some pics of the Original 32 Car that was Uncle Tommy's and the car he found that "replaced" It.  As soon as I am able, I will have other pictures of this car winning car shows in Texas


Originally the car was built by Bob Arnolde who built "AGI Chassis". The Car was built for Sheila Arnolde. She named it HENRY

The car was sold to my father, and was used by Tommy, and the number was changed to 32. Here it is atop our 72 Chevy's camper shell


Later AGI chassis was sold to my father "pops" and Dick Silva. They changed the name to M&S Chassis, and soon began using Benson type nose cones, but they kept the round cone on this car

Recently George Martin contacted me and said that it was his family that purchased Henry from my dad. Photo by George Martin

A picture of the 32 car up close with George at wheel.

Photo by George Martin

Later, it seems the Martin family put the M&S Chassis type bodywork on the car, as seen here in this picture.

Is it possible that the car Tommy found years later in Livermore was actually the same car?

Photo by George Martin

I have always looked for my 36 car, but haven't found one. Tommy found one of my dads original M&S Cars that was originally used by us as an extra. we had the following numbers, 32 was Tommy, 34 was Billy, and I was 36. 33 and 35 were "House" cars that we used. This car was probably 33, based on the serial number, not one that was originally sold to others.

Tommy decided to make this car look like his old 32 car, since the chassis itself was identical

Here is the car fitted with the round nose cone

After it was finished, Ian drove the car for a news program on KTVU Channel 2

Here Ian runs the car around the corner at Baylands

Here is the car within the last 12 months at a Texas car show

Again at a Texas carshow with a mid 70's Kurtis Tommy picked up

The 32 Car and the Kurtis, after a quicky paint job.